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Emily Connor

I am a fine artist living in North East Lincolnshire. I specialise in printmaking, mainly dry point etching, acid etching and mezzotint. By gaining a focus within printmaking, I have been able to work on a style: a certain character of mark making coupled with a manipulation and fluidity of surface ink.

My work demonstrates a non- representational translation of landscape through mark. The idea is to portray a clear relationship between the core elements: space, line and tone, whilst holding an essential state of balance.

I tend to create work using solely black and white which has naturally made me respond to the landscape symbolically, treating each mark as a formative element. The intention is to create compositions that are uncomplicated and free of unnecessary detail.

Live theatre at Ropery Hall

A Room Of One'sOwn

10th June 2022

For more information about A Room Of One'sOwn, including show times and to buy tickets online, click the link below.

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