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Hannah Turlington Print Exhibition

Wed, September 1, 2021 - Thu, September 30, 2021

Hannah is a printmaker and designer, working predominantly in linoleum block, and defines herself as a story teller. ‘I am a storyteller and I use my work to tell my stories. Sometimes they belong to me, sometimes they belong to others but ultimately, they belong to all of us’. Hannah is not a traditionally trained artist but has spent her life in education, focusing predominantly in the area of autism and special educational needs.

Her work for the past 21 years has afforded her invaluable to work with parents and their children to tell their stories. In 2015 she established her practice in a very gentle way, after spending a number of years training at night school. In 2019, Hannah was accepted to the Raw Talent scheme as part of Art & York, which has developed her practice and thinking to become an artist that tells life’s stories.

Hannah Turlington

There are four strands to Hannah’s work; exhibition pieces, workshops, designs and commissions. Living and working from her home studio nestled into her garden in rural North Yorkshire. Hannah finds inspiration from life and nature. Hannah’s designs capture the very essence of nature and her exhibition work explores the fragility of human emotion. Hannah explores the narratives of lives, especially those of women who have adopted children and their identities. Working predominantly with lino prints, Hannah loves the method process of creating a print, from the initial concept to the printing.

Hannah’s work is comprised of many stages to make the lino print; collecting and photographing, illustrating, carving the block and then finally printing in limited print runs of five for exhibition pieces, some taking 50 plus hours. Lino printing is an incredibly accessible print medium and encourages people in her workshops to connect with their creativity and create something amazing and practical for their home.

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