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Ceramics Small Jug (2)


Ceramic jug 14cm high

Vivienne works with red earthenware clay which is decorated using coloured slips and glazes to create her unique pieces of hand made ceramics. Her interest lies in making pots which acts as a container for both objects and ideas. She keeps her shapes simple, made using hand processes such as press-moulding, coiling and slabbing.

“I work intuitively and spontaneously allowing my everyday thoughts, pre-occupations and sometimes anxieties to dictate the direction of the images created.”

Each piece is unique; hand–made, individually decorated and signed. The shapes are kept simple, made using hand-processes. With a restricted palette of colours and figures The figurative decoration, often described as dream-like is achieved using brushwork, stencils and sgraffito. Ultimately I would like the viewer to bring their own interpretation to the work.

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