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Ceramics Sea Mug


Earthenware mug

9cm high

Pru Green

Pru Green has dedicated her life to fine earthenware potting. After receiving a scholarship at 11 years of age, Pru attended Sheffield College of Art and studied there for seven years, concentrating her studies on ceramics. After graduating she taught ceramics and pottery for seven years, teaching for five of those years part time at the East Coast School of Art and Design in Grimsby.

Her work is thrown, slip decorated, earthenware inspired by nature and colour. Earthenware is fired at low temperatures. As a result, earthenware is porous and opaque, and it retains a rich clay colour. Earthenware has been made for over 9,000 years all over the world, and it continues to be a popular type of pottery.

In Pru’s life she has founded two pottery businesses, the first in 1966, Alvingham Pottery, and then in Wales Gwili Pottery. Pru now lives in Wivenhoe, Essex.

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