Available Workshops





 Suitable for key stage 1 or 2 full day workshop

Children use the Stixx rolling machine to make strong rods out of newspaper and work in teams to construct a chair of their own design.  The chair is very strong and will support the children’s weight. This is a great workshop for promoting team work and cooperation.




This workshop can cater for up to 60 children in a day split into smaller groups.  You can expect to make 2 structures in a day. Can be adapted for key stage 1 or 2, full day workshop

Children work in groups to build large structures from dried willow. The structures are then covered with a special white wet strength tissue, which can be painted once it has dried. This is a popular workshop, possibly due to the technique being easy for children to pick up, and the quick results it produces.  It can be adapted to any theme, these are examples of things we have made in the past

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Can be adapted for Key Stage 1 or 2 half day workshop
This workshop looks at different Greek Vessels and there uses.  Children are then instructed on how to make their own Greek vase using everyday materials.




Key stage 1 full day workshop

This workshop focuses on the lighthouse from the story and gives children the opportunity to build their own lighthouse from recycled materials.  The completed lighthouse has a battery powered tea light in the top.  Children also have the opportunity to make a folded boat with a woven sail to sit on the seascape.




Suitable for key stage 1 and 2 half day workshop

Even Foundation stage children can take part in this workshop which introduces participants to simple weaving techniques. Children each weave their own spider web complete with spider. This workshop can also link in with The Greeks for KS2  and includes the story of Arachne the Weaver from Greek Mythology.



Can be adapted for key stage 1 or 2 as a full or half day workshop

This is a great workshop for children learning about Fairytales or Nursery Rhymes. Children use construction techniques and papier-mâché to create a small coracle shaped boat, which is painted later at school. Children also have the opportunity to make a woven sail for their boat, and a little woven owl to sit inside.




Can be adapted for key stage 1 or 2 as a full or half day workshop

Children learn to use the Stixx rolling machine to create strong sticks from newspaper which can be used to build structures and shelters. Children can build structures as reading domes to be used in the classroom, or attempt a strength test to see who can build the strongest bridge.



Key Stage 2 – half day workshop

The onager was a Roman siege engine much like a trebuchet, which used a torsional force to store energy for the shot.  During this workshop children will learn how to use the stixx machine to create strong rods of newspaper from which to build their Roman Onager.  Children work in teams of 3 or 4 and have the opportunity to test their onager at the end of the workshop.


DSCF6223 (2)

Key stage 2 full day workshop £330 including materials for up to 30 children

During this workshop children have the opportunity to look at some examples of Roman mosaics, taken from the floors of Roman buildings.  Children then design their own individual mosaic approximately 15cm square onto paper.  Using pre cut glass tiles children transfer their design onto a board, which is then grouted.  These are indoor mosaics and are not suitable for being placed outside.



Can be adapted for Key Stage 1 or 2 Full or half day workshops available
Using real masks for inspiration together with images and the children’s own imagination, children create masks from a specific culture.  This workshop can be adapted to fit in with any theme.  This is also an opportunity for children to develop group work and retell a story collectively.




Duration: Half Day

Children will be introduced to the work of land artists Richard Long and Andy Goldsworthy and find out about recording journeys and making a timeline.  Children will explore making temporary artworks to describe a journey using natural materials such as stone, clay and bark. A walk around the nearby nature reserve gives children the opportunity to collect natural material for their artworks.



Duration: Half Day – Suitable for key stage 1 and 2 (January/February)

Welcome in the Chinese New Year. A half day session bringing you a taste of Chinese arts during this very special time of the year. Discover the customs for a Chinese New Year celebration and create a Good Luck wall hanging for your school. Children will experiment with painting and making their own decorations. Discover the symbolism used in Chinese New Year trimmings and learn about associated games and tradition.


Key stage 1 and 2  half day workshop

This workshop focuses on using recycled materials to create individual woven pieces. Children will experiment with processes such as ripping, stitching and scrunching of materials as well as investigating dyes.


Key stage 1 and 2 half day workshop

Children will design a palette of colour and form inspired by samples of dried or fallen materials collected during an exploration of the nearby nature reserve to create woven artworks using natural fibres and textiles selected for their textures and colours.


Key stage 2 full or half day workshop

This workshop takes a look at the work of the American artist Alexander Calder, famous for his fabulous bent wire mobiles and sculptures. After drafting their ideas in a number of ink drawings, children need to consider scale, proportion and line connectivity in order to transcribe their ideas into a representational bent wire sculpture.


Key stage 2 half day workshop

During this workshop children explore how stories have been represented in textiles in ancient and modern times by another culture. Basket weaving and story telling are central to the Native American Pueblo way of life and will provide the inspiration for creating individual coiled baskets. The session closes with a discussion about what special items of significance to our culture the bowls could be used to contain.


Key stage 1 and 2 half day workshop

Tuition in the art of portrait painting with a strong emphasis on the use of observation and description. The children each produce their self portrait which will become part of a larger, collaborative wall piece depicting the whole class seated in rows as in a group photograph. Key Stage1 workshops use collage and montage to explore early aspects of portraiture.


A collaborative activity focusing on the treatment and manipulation of different textiles and flexible materials to create a giant woven panel. Materials are categorised by their sensory qualities e.g. noisy, shiny, rough when handled and tonally and colourfully interesting when viewed. The large scale of the work makes it ideal for creating a wall hanging so that it invites touching and investigation by other children once displayed at the school.