Lyn Lovitt – small torso 2


13 cm high

Lyn Lovitt

After studying at the Central School of Art in London, Lyn worked for several years in London’s Briglin Studio with a team of potters making a range of domestic ware and still today loves to throw the occasional pot on her Japanese style kick wheel.

Lyn, who now has a studio near Sleaford, uses a mixture of stoneware and terracotta or pure porcelain, decorated with oxides, sgraffito marks and glazes fired to 1260 centigrade.

Most of Lyn’s work is made using the hand building techniques of coiling, pinching and rolling. Coils are laid one after another, smoothed and then pinched between thumb and fingers to create the thin wall of the pot. These techniques have been used to create the ‘heads’, tall pots, large bowls, the small ‘pinch pots’ and her small sculptures.

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