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Fathom Writers Group, linked to Barton’s Ropewalk Centre for the Arts, has been meeting and writing since September 2007. The group is open to anyone interested in improving their creative writing skills. Meetings are informal with a focus on contemporary writing with a range of guest workshop leaders who have included novelist Karen Maitland and performance poet John Hegley.

Officials for 2018 are:

Chairperson Neil King
Secretary Cheryl Leaning
Treasurer Liz Bennet

Creative Writing Workshops at The Ropewalk


Writers’ Support Group

The last Wednesday of the month     6.30 – 8.45    £25 for 4 months
The 2018 sessions begin on 28 February (28 March, 25 April and 30 May)

This group meets to provide support to those writing in any form: prose (fiction or non-fiction), poetry or script. Work is shared beforehand and then discussed in the group with the aim of providing constructive and positive feedback in a friendly and informal atmosphere. It is therefore not a taught course but is chaired and managed by local writer Sue Wilsea. Each month a stimulus for writing is offered, though some people prefer to focus on their existing work. Others just like to listen! Whatever stage you are at with writing, this group exists to help you progress. 

Sparkly Saturday

Giving Your Writing Colour and Sparkle
Saturday 10 February       10.30am -1pm          £15 

This Day school will look at what makes a piece of writing jump off the page and will, through a series of exercises and triggers, explore the devices that can help make this happen so that participants are better placed to enrich their own writing ( in whatever form –  prose, poetry or script ) Suitable for beginners and all levels of experience.


Blue Sky Saturday

Saturday 14 April                10.30am -1pm          £15 

How creative are you? In all probability, much more so than you thought! This Day school will explore creative writing in terms of everyday resources accessible to everyone. Triggers and exercises will be used to help stimulate the imagination and loosen up the mind: we will look at barriers to creative thinking and how to overcome writer’s block. Suitable for beginners and all levels of experience.


Super Sonnet Saturday

Saturday 17 March             10.30am -1pm          £15

Come to Super Sonnet Saturday and get to know some brilliant modern and traditional sonnets before setting out to write your very own with the support of James Nash and Trevor Millum. There will be small prizes for fourteen lines, bigger prizes for fourteen lines and a rhyme-scheme, and if you manage the full Shakespeare, much adulation. Expect fun, creativity and great writing from everyone!

James Nash is from Leeds. Widely published and well known on the literary circuit, the second edition of James’s Some Things Matter: 63 Sonnets was published in 2014 and included a handful of new sonnets, first heard on BBC Radio 3.

Local writer Trevor Millum is most proud of his poetry collection, ‘Warning –Too Much Schooling Can Damage Your Health’. Infer what you like from that. As well as poetry and stories for younger readers he also writes quite sensibly for grown-ups and has been honing his sonnet writing skills for some years. He believes that with some guidance everyone can write a sonnet.


Booking is essential for these sessions and can be made by:

Email fw@the-ropewalk.co.uk

Tel 01652 660380

In person Ropewalk Gallery reception.

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