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  • Nautical Exhibition

    BOX GALLERY, 02/07/2019 : 31/07/2019

    This month in the Box Gallery we are celebrating everything nautical with a range of makers from around the UK. Their pieces aim to represent the fun of the ocean and the curious creatures that live within it. We have a range of ceramics and print...

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  • Tregear Pottery

    BOX GALLERY, 01/06/2019 : 30/06/2019

    Situated on the rugged south coast of the Isle of Wight, Tregear Pottery produces a beautiful range of handmade stoneware pottery. Each piece is made from fine white stoneware clay. The work is hand decorated in a variety of designs – all drawing t...

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  • Noted: Lou Hazelwood & Sarah Pennington

    GALLERY ONE, 27/04/2019 : 09/06/2019

    Noted brings together artists Lou Hazelwood and Sarah Pennington for the first time, as they negotiate similar interests in the mechanisation of music and roles of women. Hazelwood’s piece in progress ‘La Boheme/I’ve Got Her...

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  • Agitated Presence

    ARTSPACE, 30/03/2019 : 02/06/2019

    Paul Collinson | Gary Saunt | Kat Saunt | Steve Upton This exhibition shows work by a group of East Yorkshire and Hull based painters whose practice involves, either incidentally or wholly,  the used of photography or computer so...

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  • Rachel Morley

    BOX GALLERY, 01/05/2019 : 31/05/2019

    Rachel Morley creates unique felt items by hand using the wet felt method. The natural colours and shapes of the Scottish coastal landscape have inspired the Pebble range or Doorstops, Cubby Bowls, Cubbyholes and Pebble Pods. Rachel experiments with ...

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  • Box Gallery

    BOX GALLERY, 03/04/2019 : 01/05/2019

    Spring Awakening In the Box Gallery this month we have been inspired by the weather, and have put together a display celebrating spring. The focus is on the rebirth of nature, selecting pieces which represent the bloom of new flow...

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  • Andrew Adair

    GALLERY ONE, 09/03/2019 : 21/04/2019

    Obviously my specialisation is in ceramics, but over the last 3-4 years I have diverged into 2D abstract and flitted back and forth between the two often combining techniques across both. A constant theme throughout has been the printed letter/text a...

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    BOX GALLERY, 06/03/2019 : 31/03/2019

    Customisable jewellery by Jackie Selcraig Jackie Selcraig does not abide by the taught rules of creative design, for her it is very fluid and unstructured. Governed instead by play Jackie begins by siting down and experimenting wi...

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