Exhibition Programme

Current Exhibitions

  • Lucy Reid

    BOX GALLERY, 01/06/2021 : 30/06/2021

    Landscapes have always inspired Lucy. She has a passion and pull toward remote or isolated places, nature and our place within our environment; of how we choose to live carefully within it so that we leave as little damage as we can. Lucy endeavours ...More about this exhibition

  • Brian Larkman: Sidelong

    ARTSPACE, 22/05/2021 : 11/07/2021

    Sidelong: With video and sound installation by Paul Ratcliff A series of photographic studies of the people and landscapes seen ‘in passing’ on the train journey from Barton and while exploring the popular Wakes Week destinat...More about this exhibition

  • Landscapes in Linocut: Three Perspectives

    GALLERY ONE, 29/05/2021 : 18/07/2021

    Shapes and colour, and translating these onto the paper, are the foundation of printmaking. In this show, linocuts by three regional artists illustrate the multitude of colours and shapes in the landscape, juxtaposing their different approaches to us...More about this exhibition