Exhibition Programme

Current Exhibitions

  • Fair Ground Fables – Michelle Forrest-Beckett

    BOX GALLERY, 03/11/2018 : 02/12/2018

    Michelle recalls a frightfully fascinating childhood memory of a former sideshow attraction in Whitby. Her recollection of witnessing a pickled dicephalic baby and the staked bones of Dracula began the blurring of the boundaries between reality and f...More about this exhibition

  • Richard Hatfield – Tim Needham

    GALLERY ONE, 20/10/2018 : 25/11/2018

    Richard Hatfield & Tim Needhams’ interest in painting stretches back through careers that began just one year apart. Working independently, both find common ground in their references to landscape, yet it is their divergent approaches which s...More about this exhibition

  • Retrospective: Max Marschner 1929-2017

    ARTSPACE, 20/10/2018 : 25/11/2018

    Max Marschner was born in London in 1929. His early life was interrupted by World War II and evacuation, but in 1943 he enrolled in the Junior Department of Camberwell School of Art. He stayed there until the early 1950s with breaks for National Serv...More about this exhibition