Exhibition Programme

Current Exhibitions

  • Penny Phillips

    BOX GALLERY, 04/10/2020 : 31/10/2020

    Penny divides her time between teaching and creating her own work from her studio in St Peter’s School, York.  Using a mixture of different clay to capture the form, Penny allows the material itself to express as much as possible of the intrins...More about this exhibition

  • Mary Sleigh & Jan Miller

    GALLERY ONE, 12/09/2020 : 29/11/2020

    Echoes in the Water: Traces in the Land New artwork by Mary Sleigh and Jan Miller resonates with the local area, the landscape, history, and industry. While exploring, they have come upon traces of past activity, uncovered the unk...More about this exhibition

  • Verity Adriana – Lumen | Legacy

    ARTSPACE, 12/09/2020 : 29/11/2020

    Verity Adriana, will showcase two bodies of her photographic work at The Ropewalk in September 2020. These photographic works are a fusion of ephemeral in-scene installation and photography that use light and optical devices to convey ideas of univer...More about this exhibition