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Welcome to our blog created by our Coffee Shop team to keep you up to date with our latest specials, theme nights and seasonal fruit and vegetables that we will be using throughout the month.
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Seasonal Snippets April

Spring brings along plenty of fresh produce for us to use in the Coffee Shop. We have already seen a lovely spring lamb dish on our Friday Night Food menu which went down a storm! Keep a look out for our ever changing specials, especially on a Friday where we include a meat or fish dish alongside our veggie favourites. Friday Night Food is served between 5pm and 8pm with last orders at 7.15pm, so if you haven’t been and tried our great value, tasty meals, make sure to try us out as soon as possible!

This month’s seasonal vegetables are peppers. Peppers are also known as capsicums, bell peppers, sweet peppers or by their colours, for example red and yellow peppers. Green peppers are the unripe state of red peppers and are the most aggressively flavoured that softens with cooking. Once ripe and red, peppers are gentler and sweeter in flavour and far more use raw or cooked, although it’s common to use red and green peppers together. Yellow and orange peppers are individual varieties rather than stages between green and red peppers, and both of these were specially bred to be sweet and gentle. Purple peppers have a slightly stronger flavour but will turn green when cooked.

This month’s seasonal fruit is passion fruit. Also known as granadilla, passion fruit is a tropical fruit about the size of an egg with a brittle outer shell that contains crunchy seeds surrounded by intensely flavoured, slightly sour, yellow, juicy pulp. Its inedible shell can be purple or yellow in colour. Passions are native to subtropical wild regions of South America, probably originated in Paraguay. It is an avid climber that grows on anything that it can grapple around through its tendrils.

Passion Fruit and lime puddings


  • 4 passion fruit
  • 300ml double cream
  • 200g condensed milk
  • Juice of 2 limes plus wedges to decorate



  • Cut the passion fruit in half and scoop out the pulp. Reserve 4tsp for decoration and sieve the remainder into a large bowl to remove the seeds.
  • Add the cream, condensed milk and lime juice to the bowl and whisk with an electric mixer until evenly mixed and starting to thicken.
  • Spoon into glasses and chill until ready to serve. Decorate with the reserved passion fruit pulp and lime wedges.

Seasonal Snippets March

Welcome to this month’s seasonal snippets. It’s almost time to change the clocks again as we jump into spring with lots of excellent produce to look forward to. Spring brings us many lovely greens like spring cabbage, asparagus, artichoke and peas. As well as the beautiful fruit and vegetables to whet the appetite we have a full programme of music, theatre and comedy at Ropery Hall including a comedy double header lined up for you over the weekend  of March 9 and 10 with the wonderfully talented Angela Barnes on the 9th, and the slightly wacky cooking antics of George Egg on the 10th. Tickets are still available for both gigs so come on down for a couple of nights of laughter at Ropery Hall.

Our seasonal vegetable this month is spinach which  is believed to be of Persian origin. The name “Florentine” is often used to describe dishes containing spinach (and a creamy sauce). It is thought that this name dates back to the 16th  century and the Italian wife of France’s Henry II,Catherine de Medici who it is believed introduced spinach to the Court of France and to honour her Italian heritage, she then decided to call any dish containing spinach Florentine.

Our seasonal fruit this month is Lemon. Oval in shape, with a pronounced bulge on one end, lemons are one of the most versatile fruits around, and contain a high level of Vitamin C.

Although the juicy yellow flesh is a little too sour to eat on its own, its citrus fragrance and tartness means it’s wonderful combined with all manner of ingredients and dishes, from the sweet to the savoury. The bright yellow skin can be used as well, when zested. The lemon is a kitchen essential.

Spinach Mushroom and Pesto Lasagne

(A Coffee Shop favourite at The Ropewalk)


  • 1kg button mushrooms (sliced)
  • 25g salted butter
  • 1 white onion (diced)
  • 1 bag of spinach washed
  • 1 jar green pesto
  • 330ml double cream
  • 250ml white wine
  • 300ml veg stock
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cornflour to thicken
  • lasagne sheets (fresh is best but dry works also)



  • Sautee the mushrooms and onions in the butter until softened
  • Add the white wine, cream and stock and simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Stir in the pesto and add the spinach
  • Once the spinach has wilted down, season to taste and leave to one side.
  • If the sauce is too watery add a small amount of cornflour mixed with water to thicken
  • Layer the lasagne in an oven proof dish, alternating between the sauce and the pasta sheets
  • When you reach the top of the dish, generously grate cheese on the top (smoked works perfectly for this recipe)
  • Oven bake for 30-40mins on 160°c until the top is browned and the lasagne sheets are cooked