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Welcome to the Newstrings

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This is a new section of the site, so please come back here for new posts to follow.

Merry Christmas

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Here’s wishing all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Best wishes to all and remember there is plenty of events on over the festive period at Ropery Hall and in the Ropewalk galleries!

Denise Brown and Linda Miller

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Although each use different media Denise Brown and Linda Miller both draw on the coast for inspiration and both share a quirky sense of humour.

A Sense of Time

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A themed exhibition of photography, chosen by Hull photographer Chris Harland, featuring a wide range of images and interpretations of the concept of ‘time’. Including work by Keith Britton, Hazel Burnham, Suzie Chaney, Lynne Dent, Kelsey Evans, Marie Graham, Alex Hallowes, Chris Harland, Neo Heny, David Lindsley, Melanie Osborn, Pete Rogers, Christine Thomas, Kat Vickers […]

Tony Snowden: New Paintings

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Tony Snowden’s paintings are linked by what he calls “a sense of the suspended moment”. These small, dark paintings of figures in a romanticised landscape are sombre in mood: they seem to hint at a hidden narrative or what the artist refers to as an ‘evocative ambiguity’. Originated from drawings done in situ and then […]

Affordable Gifts

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A seasonal selection of affordable gifts from Ropewalk studio artists.

The Christmas Show

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A festive exhibition of affordable art by The Ropewalk Studio artists and invited guests.

The Sporting League by Marc Renshaw

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Since the age of six, artist Marc Renshaw has been recording all the joys and heartaches of his very own fictional football league. Season upon season his notebooks of handwritten scores and statistics convey the highs and lows of teams such as ‘Bayerns’, Tranquilayers’, ‘Delta’ and ‘Olby’ that make up The Sporting League. Decades later […]

Collection: Michelle Freemantle

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Michelle Freemantle, who is based in Wetwang, creates a range of stoneware pottery that is designed to be used. Michelle has travelled extensively to pursue the development of her craft. She has studied in France, Finland and Japan, absorbing the cultural differences and attitudes to studio ceramics. Those differences were most pronounced during her visit […]

Malcolm Whittaker: Just under the surface

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“As an artist making work about landscape, the notion of an ‘experience of time’ became a focus. Walk anywhere in the British Isles and you soon become aware of our rich human and natural history, a land strewn with remnants of our past. Remnants from successive centuries, buildings, field systems, pathways, stone circles and markers, […]

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