Customer Charter

Our Mission Statement

The Company’s aim is to:
• Present accessible, high quality contemporary art exhibitions, theatre, comedy, music & film to visitors from the local area, the region and further afield
• Create paid employment and selling opportunities for the region’s performers, artists and makers
• Develop opportunities for artists in the Humber sub-region
• Provide opportunities for the public to engage with visual & performance art & artists
• Provide education opportunities for KS1 and KS2 pupils

As a customer of The Ropewalk you can expect the following levels of service from us.

We will be:
• giving polite and prompt responses to your enquiries
• Treat you courteously and with consideration at all times.
Available (when we say we will be)
• ensuring that the phone is answered in person between 10am and 5pm Monday to Saturday & between 10am and 4pm on Sunday and within 4 rings whenever possible
• returning your calls within 24 hours
• acknowledging your e-mails within 2 days of receipt
• responding to your letters within five working days
• giving accurate responses to queries
• ensuring that facilities, events and activities are of a high standard
Accessible to all
• working to ensure that all our customers are able to receive the same services
• creating a varied programme of events and activities in line with the Company’s aims & priorities
• making sure that we market our events and activities clearly and accurately so that you know what is available
• providing a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment for customers.
• wearing name badges so you know who you are talking to
• providing information on how to find us
• listening, consulting and encouraging suggestions and acting on your feedback
• making available customer feedback facilities at the venue and on our web pages
Easy to understand
• providing accurate information in person, in our leaflets and on our website
• using Plain English
• complying with current legislation & our own policies & procedures such as Health & Safety, Safeguarding Children etc
• ensuring that our events and activities are fully risk assessed and appropriate safety measures are in place

Suggestions and complaints
We will welcome all suggestions and feedback about our services and act upon them appropriately.