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Collection: Rachel Wood

By richardhatfield |

Rachel Wood makes individual pieces using stoneware clay, which are coiled, slabbed or thrown, and frequently distorted during the process. The natural spontaneous qualities of the clay are important to her so that each pot conveys its own spirit and character. She wants her pots to have a pulse and a heartbeat; hence she works in a very free and unrestrained way. Her recent travels in Australia and working with potter, Robin Welch, have been pivotal in her development. The colours, shapes and the textures of the landscape, in particular the Dark Peak areas around Kinder, Derbyshire, provide constant inspiration.

“My personal intuitive touch is an integral part of these pots – a dent in the soft clay, a tear, rip, and a finger or handprint in the glaze. I want the marks to reflect the journey of exploration and learning in each pot, just as a wrinkle depicts expression and character in a human face. The scratch of a metal kidney, the groove of a wooden twig, a sweep of a brush, they all create a linear dynamic on the surface of the pot. Some are deliberate, some incidental; none are removed, as they are all part and parcel of the pot’s character. It is inspired by the strong need we all have to be touched.”

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Human Clay Revisited

By richardhatfield |

The Ropewalk in conjunction with Studio Eleven Gallery in Hull brings to the region professional artists committed to working with figurative subject matter as a central theme in their work. At a time when conceptual art predominates the art scene we show work which validates the continuing and innovative use of the figure in contemporary painting, drawing and printmaking. This show brings together wonderful artists concerned with the human condition portrayed in more “traditional” media. The work was once described in the 1970s by artist Ron Kitaj as “The Human Clay ” and we are pleased to be able to confirm in 2014 the relevance of images made from and about people.

The exhibition features work by Bren Head, Sally Gatie, Sharon Winter, Neil Moore, Simon Burton, Corrie Chiswell, Stewart Kelly, Jake Attree, David Hancock, Linda Ingham, Steve Whitehead and Laurence Edwards.

To View the online catalogue please click here.

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