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New Domestic Pots

By richardhatfield |

The Proper Work Of The Potter

Featuring the work of:
Nigel Lambert, Kevin De Choisy, Patia Davis,John Gibson, Fergus Stewart, Niek Hoogland, Ruthanne Tudball, and John Wheeldon

“When I was asked to curate this exhibition I felt it was an opportunity to assemble a small group of potters who make pots to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis. Good, honest, well made pots can enhance both the look and enjoyment of food and also be reasonably affordable.

The potters are all makers of domestic ware who are using traditional forms and techniques in a modern way for today’s market.”

John Wheeldon, Guest Curator

Romancing the Landscape

By richardhatfield |

A new exhibition by Rob Moore

This Ropewalk exhibition of the paintings, drawings and printmaking by artist Rob Moore precedes the major touring exhibition of his work to Hester Gallery Leeds and Dean Clough Galleries in Halifax. The show mainly includes new work made over the past eighteen months since his transformational show at Duckett and Jeffreys Gallery two years ago.

Moore provides us with an insight into his particular approach to landscape and places informed by his Yorkshire Wolds environment and more foreign landscapes. These reflective images however are about places fashioned in the imagination, landscapes that are not mirrors of what he sees but images that insistently define their own reality and lyrical presence.

The artist works fluently in producing highly crafted work that is subtle, sometimes quiet, enticing and hugely rewarding for those prepared to immerse themselves in his creative journey.

“ His (Moore’s) poetic use of marks is highly charged with emotive suggestion. They have duplicate and sometimes triple function, suggesting physical space, notions of mapping and movement. Sometimes with unexpected aggression, those same delicate marks perform an operation of incision when they appear to cut or pierce the ground itself.

These are intimate landscapes. He walks them. He draws out there. The knowledge gained by familiarity with the land itself frees his eyes from the construct of the known. He can let go of the security of description, of signing and ownership and delight instead in becoming immersed in the mutability of nature, luxuriating in its minutiae, in insignificant fragments, in unnameable things”.
Professor Anne Grebby, artist and writer

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