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Portrait of the artist’s father

By richardhatfield |

The passage of time, from a fraction of a second to a whole lifetime, is the theme of Martin Waters’ exhibition currently in the Artspace until March 3.
The artist’s father, Geoffrey Waters is the subject of a major piece, simply entitled ‘Dad’ it is a document of a man’s life in photographs and objects. Martin has collected 89 photographs of his father – one from each year of his life – and a series of objects that hold a personal significance. The objects, which include a cricket ball from 1940, an army hairbrush and a caravan club car badge amongst many others show the progress of time and reflect a life lived. In the context of a lifetime objects are raised from the ordinary and embedded with a greater level of meaning.

Collagraph Printmaking Day Workshop at The Ropewalk

By janetuplin |

The process of collagraph printmaking will be explained by Barton upon Humber printmaker Angela Lindsley at a day workshop being held at the town’s The Ropewalk in early February. Continue reading »

Martin Waters – The Passage Of Time

By petemitchell |

The slow passage of time is the theme of a new set of installations by Hull artist Martin Waters. Focussing on precise moments viewed over long periods Martin documents, using photographic images, collections and found object assemblages, ‘how our experiences change and move within our lifetime’.

Alice Fox – Textures of Spurn

By petemitchell |

Textile artist Alice Fox has just completed a residency at the remote East Riding peninsula of Spurn Point. Using its unique landscape as a starting point, Alice has created a series of works with the natural elements at their core.

Alice’s practice brings together observation, recording and interaction with the landscape, celebrating the beauty of natural systems through her work. She uses textiles processes and printmaking techniques, combining the two together through the use of stitch as texture and printed marks. Using rust prints from found objects on the beach and making collagraph prints with collected items, Alice makes marks on cloth and paper that are directly of the place.

This project is supported by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and by the National Lottery, through Arts Council England.

Collection: Chiu-I-Wu

By richardhatfield |

Taiwanese born Chiu-I Wu’s childhood in her home country was spent expressing her creative side through drawing before moving to paint and then ceramics.

She first exhibited her work in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, and now, after moving to England in 2003,  exhibits in both Taiwan and England.

When she moved to England she brought  with her many of her glaze recipes but she soon discovered a new range of English clays to explore.

Influencing her work now is her love of English summers, blackbirds and sheep which touch her heart and influence her work.

Chiu-I Wu never uses moulds. All her work is hand built with great care for quality, and all her paintings are original. Her show will feature her quirky ceramics all hand built with great care for quality.

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