SAP10 Artists

Lorraine Botterill

I had a fantastic SAP this year. Pam & Mark were generous to a fault as usual and everyone involved were very positive and engaged. It gave the whole event a really good buzz and the visitor response was enthusiastic to say the least.The setting and event work so well. Selling stuff was a bonus!

Sue Dare

SAP 2010 was a fantastic opportunity to exhibit my work in a beautiful setting.  
The series of beautiful garden rooms at Hall Farm provided the perfect backdrop for my sculpture and I was able to site all my pieces with ease.

There was a wide  variety of quality work in the exhibition which all sat together harmoniously in the garden and was enhanced by the ambiance of the venue.

Pam and Mark Tatum were very friendly and helpful and I would like to thank them for hosting the event and hope they will do it again next year.

The administration and organisation of the event by Ropewalk was excellent. 
I was very pleased with the exhibition and the sales I made - I definitely want to be involved next year.

Gill Hobson

Gill Hobson’s jewel like pieces have a richness and intricacy seldom seen in contemporary artworks and sculpture.

Her work is primarily concerned with the interaction of complex pattern with colour and form and she aims to create pieces that are both intriguing and inspiring.

Gill exhibited at SAP09 and is returning again this year.

“Exhibiting at SAP 09 was a real pleasure. The place and the people were delightful and very happy to accommodate my display needs. Hall Farm’s excellent reputation as a nursery for high quality plants, together with the opportunity to experience high quality artistic works, ensured a steady stream of visitors over both weekends,” she said.

“Overall, it was a great experience with good sales and contacts made and also an excellent networking opportunity with chances to get feedback about my work, as well as a great selling opportunity. I'm really looking forward to building on last years experience to exhibit again in 2010, and to catch up with visitors and exhibitors alike,” Gill continued.

Gill works at a variety of scales to suit domestic, corporate and commercial environments and her large scale sculptural pieces have featured in award winning schemes. Balance and harmony are integral to her work and each piece is expressed in Gill’s signature style of delicate wirework set with individually formed glass cabochons.

She graduated in 1987 with a First Class Honours Degree in Three Dimensional Design: Ceramics with Glass from Birmingham Polytechnic and over the years has successfully experimented with different techniques, materials and media in pursuit of the creation of ever more complex and sophisticated artworks.

This broad skill base and a meticulous attention to detail are evident in all her pieces from tiny hand held bowls to two metre high sculptures.

Andrew Burningham

Andrew Burningham’s residences for discerning birds are quirky and humorous bird boxes with designs loosely based on well known buildings.

A Chartered Engineer by profession, Andrew decided at the age of 40 to change course completely and explore a long term interest in art which resulted in finally being accepted at Camberwell School of Art for a full time BA (Hons) Three Dimensional course.

But by the time he graduated, after a total of seven years as an art student, a lack of finances meant Andrew returned to his career in engineering becoming involved with the refurbishment of old hydro-electric power stations worldwide from a base in the United Kingdom.

Early retirement 10 years ago gave him the opportunity to set up a studio at his home in York and concentrate on making sculptural objects and small pieces of furniture in wood and metal.

“My passion is to make use of recycled hardwoods. Where possible, I incorporate features of their previous life into my new creation,” said Andrew.

His quirky and humorous bird boxes came about after his patio was re-landscaped.

“An impetus for further development came from the need to find a wedding gift for a 70 year old cousin. The combination of his interest in York Minster and ownership of a large and much loved garden guided me to produce my first 'residence for a discerning bird' based upon the Chapter House at York Minster,” explained Andrew.

“However, I was surprised to find out that the 'residence' was kept inside as a piece of sculpture. This gave me the vision to develop my sculptural ideas further and finally to exhibit, for the first time, a number of 'residences' in York’s Open Studios 2009. A favourable response from visitors encouraged me to produce further designs.”

Each design is unique and stem partly from an interest in architecture and also from the way in which found objects and materials “speak” to him.

“I relish the challenge of making and joining complex shapes, the result of which informs the final piece. It is essential to me that the final result is well crafted,” said Andrew.

“Wood, with its beautiful range of colour and grain texture, provides me with an excellent material to convey ideas. The play of light and features such as knots and swirls of grain are used to articulate particular surfaces. Polished or patinated metals are also introduced to complete the story.”

Michel Ducos

Maggie Betley

Tracy Wright

Rebekah Narewski

Renata Barcelos

Michael Scrimshaw

Sally Bailey

Peter Ball

Lorraine Botterill

Janet Burton

Richard Bett

Noel Black

Hazel Burnham

David Cook

Maggie Davies

Gavin Darby

Carlos Dare

Sue Dare

Suzanne Dring

Peter Hawes

Julia Hulme

Andrew W Jones

Michael Kusz

Lawrence Lamas

Elaine Lingard

Bob Oakes

Andrew Oldfield

David McRorie

Xceptional Designs

Nigel Sardeson

Sam Shendi

James Sutton

Iain Tatam

Michael Thacker

Lea Torp-Neilsen

Amanda Noble

Karen Williams

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