Hall Farm Craftsmen

Hall Farm is also the base for local craftsmen in three permanent workshops who will be on hand throughout the exhibition to display their skills.

Dave Payne and John Walton in the forge will be demonstrating forge work; Tim Rinaldi, a bespoke furniture and cabinet maker, will be displaying his work and talking to visitors and James Sutton, a stone sculptor, will be on hand to demonstrate his skills.


Tim Rinaldi

In my Lincolnshire workshop I create beautiful contemporary furniture to commission. Work is undertaken on furniture of all descriptions, using only the finest quality materials to create stunning pieces which will stand out in any room.

I take great care to ensure that my client's own particular needs are catered for and all designs are tailored to their wishes; thus creating a unique piece of handmade furniture that is personal to them. Something which cannot be achieved with mass produced furniture.

All aspects of the making process are undertaken in my workshop from the initial designs to the final polishing of the piece, be it an individual chair or a large room scheme of furniture

Techniques used vary from the latest methods of construction using cutting edge adhesives to the use of traditional hand tools, combining old and new to create original, energetic pieces to last a life time

My Work has featured in various magazines and books including “Edexcel A Level Design Technology” textbook.

01427 668939

07974 419723 


Dave Payne and John Walton


James Sutton ARBS

Artist/Sculptor & Community Arts Facilitator

An elected associate member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors , James exhibits his work throughout the UK, producing work for private and public collections.

Fascinated by creation, innate potential and human emotion, James’ work can be best described as ‘Biomorphic’ .

biomorphic_ forms or images that while abstract nevertheless refer to, or evoke, living forms such as plants and the human body. The term comes from combining the Greek words bios (life) and morthe (form).” The Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms

Obsessed with shape and form, James’ work can be both figurative and abstract. He strives to make his work sensuous and engaging with simple pleasing shapes and tactile surfaces.

Heavily influenced by the work of sculptors Brancusi, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth; inspired by the simple shapes and lines of their work, their search for pure form, abstraction, their love of nature, truth to their materials and the search for something beyond. Recent influences also include Peter Randall-Page, Isamu Noguchi and Anthony Gormley.

James also regularly runs all kinds of creative workshops for individuals, schools and community groups. And is happy to work to commission.

For more information and images of his work visit his website…


E: suttonstone@hotmail.com

T: 07736038018