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Fathom Press was formed in 2007 initially as vehicle to publish the two books that came out of the Heritage Lottery funded Unravelling Barton Ropery Project, Ropeworks and Family Ties. It has since developed and published Article Magazine, a free monthly guide to arts and culture in Northern Lincolnshire and with a natural association with Fathom Writers it has sponsored and published the Fathom Prize anthology of creative writing: the second edition Fathom 10 was published in November 2010.

In 2009 Fathom Press made further inroads into the heritage field by assisting Geoffrey Bryant of the former Barton Workers’ Educational Association History Group to continue to publish his series of The Later History of Barton. Roads, Coaches and Carriers by Darren Stockdale and Geoffrey Bryant was published in December 2009.

The latest publication, a history of cycle making in Barton: Elswick-Hopper of Barton on Humber by Nigel Land is the first book to be published in hardback.

Publications Available

Elswick-Hopper of Barton on Humber
by Nigel Land

Barton author Nigel Land traces the history of the manufacturer of Elswick-Hopper cycles in this book, published by Fathom Press.

Nigel traces the history of the company in the latter years of the 19th century through to the late 20th century when the Elswick connection with the cycle industry ended.

The book also tells of what it was like to work for Elswick-Hopper and includes many accounts from former employees and their families

  ISBN 978-0-9555950-6-6   £18

Fathom 10
Edited by Nick Triplow

The second anthology of prize winning and short-listed poems and stories from the Fathom Prize Short Story Competition. Also included is a collection of Flash Fiction previously published in Article magazine. The anthology is sponsored by Fathom Writers and Article magazine.


Short Stories

1st –  Terminations – Anne O’Connor
2nd – The Fisto Kid – Cheryl Leaning
3rd –  Direct Observation – Stephen Walsh


1st My Neighbour’s Lawn – Robert Jaggs-Fowler
Shaving Grandad – Caroline Burton
3rd Chub – Christy Hall

ISBN 978-0-9555950-5-9 …. £5

Roads, coaches and carriers in Barton before 1900
By Darren Stockdale and Geoffrey Bryant

A further instalment of The Later History of Barton series which focuses on the town’s transport network.

ISBN 978-0-9555950-4-2 ….. £7

The Women They Left Behind
Stories from Grimsby’s Fishing Factories
By Nick Triplow, Tina Bramhill, and Jade Shepherd

With new research into the history of the fishing industry, The Women They Left Behind tells of hardship, good times, love and heartbreak in communities held together by women and characterised by the absence of men at sea. As these uncharted episodes in Grimsby’s social and industrial past unfold through stories and reminiscences, a hidden narrative emerges: the true cost of putting fish in Britain’s plates. Compiled with the help of the Grimsby Community Press Office.

ISBN 978-0-9555950-3-5 £5

Fathom 08
Edited by Nick Triplow

An anthology of prize winners and short-listed stories from the Fathom Prize Short Story Competition sponsored by Fathom Writers and Article magazine.

ISBN 978-0-9555950-2-8 ….. £4

A brief history of Hall’s Barton Ropery
By Will Fenton

The two-hundred year history of Hall’s Barton Ropery was always a significant part of Barton upon Humber’s industrial past. Featuring the results on new archival research, this book re-interprets some aspects of the firm’s long history, focusing on the company, its founders and Barton men and women who worked there.

ISBN 978-0-9555950-0-4 ….. £5

Family Ties
Stories from Hall’s Barton Ropery
Edited by Nick Triplow

When Hall’s Barton Ropery closed its doors in 1989 almost 200 years of ropemaking came to an end. For the men and women who worked there, the Ropery was more than machinery and buildings – it was part of their daily lives. Family Ties brings together the stories and memories of former workers and their families: recollections of good friends, hard times and hard work. The routine of everyday working lives set against a changing industrial landscape.

ISBN 978-0-9555950-1-1…. .£5

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