Exhibition Programme

Current Exhibitions

  • Sue Evans

    BOX GALLERY, 17/09/2016 : 30/09/2016

    Sue Evan’s handcrafted toys will be shown in the Box Gallery from 17th September.  The collection features interesting and quirky works from recycled and collected wood.  Many of her pieces have simple movement, she incorporates mechan...More about this exhibition

  • Lee Karen Stow

    GALLERY ONE, 17/09/2016 : 20/11/2016

    Poppies - The Colours “In 2012 I began photographing the red common corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas) in fields around my home in the East Riding of Yorkshire. A small body of work grew into a documentary photographic project entitled...More about this exhibition

  • Anomalies – Sinclair Ashman

    ARTSPACE, 10/09/2016 : 30/10/2016

    This show will explore the role of quick decision-making, incidentals and ‘happy accidents’ in his collagraph printmaking. Sinclair’s textured, largely abstract prints are both elemental expressions of mood and responses to everyday materials. ...More about this exhibition