Exhibition Programme

Current Exhibitions

  • James and Tilla Waters

    BOX GALLERY, 08/05/2017 : 04/06/2017

    James and Tilla met each other during their apprenticeships to the potter Rupert Spira in Shropshire in  the late nineties. In 2002 they set up their workshop in Carmarthenshire where they live with their three daughters. They both have degrees i...More about this exhibition

  • Madeline & Martin Pick

    ARTSPACE, 29/04/2017 : 11/06/2017

    Now & Then: Spurn Point - A Special Place Spurn Point, to the east of Hull has inspired a body of work by husband and wife team Madeline and Martin Pick who have worked on the project over the past few years exploring the evoc...More about this exhibition

  • Fifty Years On

    GALLERY ONE, 15/04/2017 : 28/05/2017

    Jo Slone and Janis Mitchell Jo Slone and Janis Mitchell met at Art School in the 1960s and have been friends ever since. Jo originally studied Graphic and Fashion Design but returned to study Sculpture and Ceramics. Janis also stu...More about this exhibition