Exhibition Programme

Current Exhibitions

  • Collection – Debbie Barber

    BOX GALLERY, 07/03/2015 : 05/04/2015

    Debbie first trained as a textile artist, specialising in embroidery and surface decoration. After 10 years she returned to college to retrain as a potter having a life-long interest in ceramics. Now Debbie combines her love of colour, texture and pa...More about this exhibition

  • Gillian Hobson – Lightlines

    ARTSPACE, 07/03/2015 : 19/04/2015

    Gillian Hobson’s enduring concerns of colour, light and space find new form in Lightlines, a major showing of contemporary works. Working with photography, moving image, sound and installation she explores and expresses the intuitive resonances at ...More about this exhibition

  • 3 Strand

    GALLERY ONE, 21/02/2015 : 05/04/2015

    Patricia McMillan, Moira West and Linda Westerman use the theme of Barton’s industrial heritage to celebrate human ingenuity, vision and strength. These attributes are explored using a wide variety of materials, in...More about this exhibition