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    Alison Read – Pressed for time

    ARTSPACE, | 12/09/2015 : 18/10/2015

    Lincoln printmaker Alison Read returns to The Ropewalk with a new body of work created especially for the exhibition. She has used the opportunity to test herself by creating a printing plate a day for one hundred days! She says "I wanted to reflect what can be produced in a strict time limit, with all its flaws and experiments." The show, which features a mixture of linocuts, woodcuts, etchings and screenprints, will display her full range of skills and be a tribute to her ambition and work ethic.


  • Ebb and Flow

    ARTSPACE, 24/10/2015 : 29/11/2015

    In January 2011 three artists, Lynn Baker (glassmaker), Soo Durham (ceramicist) and Bob Armstrong (painter), began a walk along the South bank of the Humber determined to experience the river and its moods in all seasons. Starting at Tetney Lock in p...

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