• Andi Dakin

    ARTSPACE, | 10/01/2016 : 21/02/2016

    SPACE URCHINS, DARK MATTER AND POSITIVE ENERGIES. For thousands of years humankind has pondered the mysteries of the Universe. Through mathematical calculations many truths have been determined. Philosophers have imagined and declared some bizarre and unlikely theories about the Cosmos, and as Space Technology has advanced, some speculations have become plausible. The world of Science Fiction has become indistinguishable from main stream Cosmolology, Astro- physics and Mathematics. I use my Art work as a vehicle to applaud and join in with these exciting ways of considering our Universe. Black Holes, Parallel Galaxies and Dark Matter are phenomena that I have been attempting to represent through my drawings and printmaking. My sculpture unifies familiar objects to make mischievous enigmatic connections